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Meets in Portland, Oregon.
Round Table Pizza at 19121 Willamette Dr., West Linn 97068
2nd Friday of the month
See the calendar for more information

Caving in:

-- Washington: Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams
-- Oregon: Central, Willamette Valley, Southeast
-- Northern California
-- The World

Why attend a meeting?
You might:

  Be invited on a trip to explore a known cave.

  Talk to someone who has discovered dozens of caves in Washington.

  Talk to people who have caved in Peru, Mexico, India, Guatemala...

  Be invited on a trip to search for undiscovered caves.

  Learn about lava tube formation.


The Willamette Valley Grotto
is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to
further cave exploration, conservation and preservation.

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Grotto Officers
Chris Wiley, Chair,

Louisa Hooven, Vice-Chair
Mark Harder, Secretary
vacant, Treasurer


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